There used to be someone
to whom I could say do you
love me and be sure that the
answer would always be yes.

Can you imagine what it is
like to live in a world where
there is no-one now always no
no-one and never some some-
one to ask do you love me and
be sure that the answer would
always be yes?

Miriam Waddington, “Someone Who Used to Have Someone”

m0rbidx asked:

I just came across your blog, and I absolutely love it! I've been going through your posts for hours together now and I just can't seem to stop. Thank you <3

shucks, thanks cutie! for all that i like words, i am a mess with them. this was really sweet to get. you’re the best :>

Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say thank you. I absolutely love this blog, and it just occurred to me that it wasn't right not to tell you that it's helped me so much so often. You're lovely.

you were one of two messages that i received this month after not receiving any since maybe november? so i want to say thank you. for reminding me why i started this blog, and giving me a reason to continue. not that i’m posting for messages or followers, but to share the words that meant something to me and know that those words helped someone else. that’s such a great feeling. you’re the lovely one!